AddOns (ERP5)

About this initiative

This project is part of an attempt to organise work on various improvements to ERP5 done by community (= people not employed by Nexedi).

We are here publishing a number of improvements to the user interface of ERP5, some ready-to-use pieces and other improvements.

The code is available in three forms:

Part of this stuff is a port of the old "experimental" repository on Nexedi's svn server. It was made by us, and Nexedi never shown any interest in using it, not to mention integrating into upstream, so we feel free to repackage it.

Note for Nexedi: everything here is potentially our contribution to the core of ERP5. If you find here anything useful, feel free to take it - we'd be more then happy to see some of our work integrated into the core source tree.

Documentation and downloads

Everything is documented on Project's Trac

Subversion checkout (business templates, AddOn product):

svn co

or browse at

Mercurial (patchset):

hg clone

or browse at

Other initiatives

Boris Kocherov in Sankt Petersburg is doing lots of stuff: